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Gear List (Trip Leaders and Assistants) - Last revised 2018   The lists below are the gear required and recommended for leading and assisting on trips. When not the Trip Leader or Assistant, it is also recommended that each HASK Trip Leader carry the same gear as if he or she were the actual Trip Leader, for backup. Other participants should have everything on the Participant Gear List.

Trip Level Required Additional Recommended 
Level 1 PFD, ample hydration (*), snacks, whistle, clothing for air and water temp (NO COTTON IN COOL WEATHER), rain jacket, hat, sunscreen, spray skirt, bilge pump, paddle float, sling, spare paddle, charged cell phone in dry bag, hypothermia dry bag (**), toilet kit, personal first aid kit
Level 2
All of the above plus towing system, LARGE Trip Leader first aid kit
VHF Radio CardVHF Radio, flares, signal mirror, knife, kayak-specific repair kit and spare parts, ditch bag(***), Emergency Information Card in PFD pocket 
Level 3
All of the above plus,VHF Radio CardVHF Radio, knife, kayak-specific repair kit and spare parts, signal mirror, flares, rescue sling, ditch bag (***), GPS or map and compass
Emergency Information Card in PFD pocket
Level 4
All of the above plus GPS, kayak-specific repair kit and spare parts.
Emergency Information Card in PFD pocket
(*) Ample hydration means at least two quarts of water for a day trip or at least one gallon of water per person per day of an overnight trip.   Trip leaders should carry some extra water in case needed for others. 

(**) Hypothermia dry bag: hat, warm top and pants, underwear, socks, gloves, space blanket, fire starters, matches or lighter
All clothing should be synthetic or wool -(NO COTTON IN COOL WEATHER)

(***) Ditch bag: two 16 ounce waters, fire starter kit, rescue mirror, knife, radio batteries, high energy snacks, LED flashlight or headlamp, car keys and wallet, 50 feet of cord up to 5/32"

If a trip must be abandoned (ditched) on land, each paddler should take along the hypothermia dry bag, the toilet kit, the first aid kit, and the ditch bag. 
Emergency Information Card in PFD pocket